The Candide International association was created in March 2019 as a follow-up to the Candide Educational and Cultural Association, which housed for more than 6 years the independent school group Candide created by Michèle BOURTON in the South of France.

Michèle BOURTON, founder of the Candide pedagogy linked to purring therapy, has innovated by proposing an extraordinary concept combining learning with the presence of cats in classrooms. The results were such on the behavior and the academic results of the pupils that we wanted to go further by offering our discoveries to as many people as possible. Not only did the children no longer feel stress at the idea of ??going to school or college, but in addition, contact with felines allowed them to regain confidence and self-esteem very often neglected in school spaces. We also discovered that the feline presence developed human skills of compassion, tolerance, fraternity that our little "candidians" spontaneously transferred to their peers, other animals and even the plant world.

Today, and after having exposed our vision of this daring education at the UN headquarters in Geneva, we have decided to invest ourselves more in international aid by following the recommendations of UNESCO for which we have made a partnership request.

Candide International wants to be radically turned towards the most needy countries (mainly in Africa where the demand is crucial) in order to help the creation of schools in reserves or animal sanctuaries and therefore to integrate wild animals into teaching. and / or domestic. The majority of children in these countries do not know the world around them. We postulate that it is by learning to know, to love, to communicate with the animal world that children will become adults who have developed a respect for the living world and all beings, that they will become responsible and autonomous in their efforts to nature protection. Our vision goes even further, encompassing all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by UNESCO, 17 goals aimed at achieving peace and self-reliance for all peoples.




We also offer training modules in France intended for schools that already exist or are about to be created which would like to work with the innovative Candide pedagogy linked to purring therapy (protected and patented by the INPI).

The presence of cats in schools cannot be desirable without solid foundations and ethics that we strive to disseminate.The NGO Candide International also includes publications (Michèle BOURTON's autobiographical book on the birth of Candide pedagogy is currently being edited) as well as all the conferences in which we participate across France or the world to bring our contribution to research and innovations in the field of Education and the integration of other living species into it.

Our goal is to provide children with high quality instruction (in French, mathematics and in English) and to include in the programs a general culture module concerning the animals that surround them, (their habitat, their way of life ,). By learning to love them, the child will develop emotionally. On the relational level, the student will learn to communicate with the animal of his choice, whether it is a giraffe, an elephant or any wonderful being within the reserve or the animal sanctuary.

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Last edited: 23/03/2022