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  • Benin (West Africa)

    On 22/02/2021

    Creation of a school within the animal reserve: Candide pedagogy linked to animal intelligence.

    The director of research and education, Pierre Chanou, helped us with all the formalities.
    Link for this park in which the "Candide school in the savannah" will be built: https://fr.africanparks.org/les-parcs/w

    Date this project was put online in collaboration with the Beninese government and the agency responsible for Parc W 11 September 2020

    Candide International is a member of the SDG Academy's Community of Practice, the educational resource platform for the world's leading experts in sustainable development. September 16, 2020

  • The World We See Resources

    On 17/11/2020

    A goal guide for children and youth